Selected Delaware News Journal Op-Eds and Letters

What Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions Movement stands for, Jo Anne Pryor Deshon, 2/7/16. The recent exchanges on the Israel-­Palestine issue in the Opinion page of The News Journal are very welcomed. This issue is indeed a central moral issue of our time – and a driver in U.S. relations with the populations of the Middle East. However, the Delaware Voice articles by David Finger and Robert Prybutok contribute little to a thoughtful discussion on this issue. Read more.

A Timely warning, Nancy E. Boyer, 1/13/16. I am shocked that New Castle County’s Pension Board was asked to punish free speech by a proposed retaliatory divestment ordinance that would use the county pension fund as a weapon.  (Ordinance 15-093 cited in “Delaware Voice” - 1/6/15) Read more.

Why is New Castle County being asked to support illegal Israeli settlements?, by Mike Abel and Mary-Lee Lutz, 1/5/16. It may seem strange that the New Castle County Council should be involved with Israel’s internal policies. Nevertheless, on Sept. 29, 2015, Councilman Robert Weiner introduced Ordinance 15­093 asking the New Castle County Pension Board to “demonstrate its commitment to responsible investing by refusing to invest in companies that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement and the boycott of the State of Israel." Read more.

Senator Carper deserves credit on speech, by Beth Haas, Marj Johnson, and Bill Nace, 3/13/15. "We were distressed to see the recent unprecedented spectacle of a foreign leader, Prime Minister Netanyahu, addressing Congress in an attempt to undermine the diplomatic efforts of a sitting American president. We applaud Sen. Tom Carper’s decision not to attend. We regret that our other senator and representative did not do the same." Read more.

Netanyahu visit will damage America, by Cathy Glober, Mary-Lee Mutz, Marj Johnson, Mike Abel, and Beth Haas, 1/31/15. "Speaker of the House John Boehner’s invitation to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu damages our national institutions and our efforts to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Without consulting President Obama, Speaker Boehner invited the leader of a foreign power to address a joint session of Congress. This is not just a disrespectful breach of protocol; it is a very real problem for U.S. foreign policy." Read more.

In Palestine, the bullies are Jewish, by Maryann Pike, 8/26/14. "In his latest article in The News Journal, Jeffrey Goldberg chides the Europeans for abuse of Jewish businesses and other shows of intolerance. Perhaps Mr. Goldberg should take into consideration the consistent attempts, during their years of occupation, by the Israelis to damage and destroy, if not outright steal, Palestinian businesses." Read more.

US Must Stand Up for Palestinians' Civil Rights, Too, by Rev. Donald Morton, 8/12/14. "In 1963, while in a Birmingham jail, a young Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. answered the critique of well-meaning clergy who viewed his movement as both counterproductive and lacking political expediency. King reluctantly responded to the critics by saying “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. Tied in a single garment of destiny. What affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” This is at the core of what I’m writing about today.... But if Palestinian women and children are made in the image of God and are valuable, the reality of bombing and killing vulnerable Palestinian populations suggests otherwise."  Read more.

A Path Forward on Ending Gaza Strip Blockade, by Robert Mallouk, 12/22/13. "During this age of learned wonder and achievement in the Western world, significant populations still suffer from history’s poor memory of horrors wrought on colonized peoples. Register this as a call to protest and decry the seven-year blockade of the Gaza Strip by the state of Israel..." Read more.

Reassessing Israel's Chosen Reality, by Nancy Boyer, 12/4/13.   "The headline 'The Real Picture in Israel' (front page, 'Delaware and the Region' section, November 19, 2013) hopefully was a tongue-in-cheek assertion, because the speaker sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Delaware and quoted at length in the article following the headline speaks from the viewpoint of a major in the Israeli Defense Forces..." Read more.

Deal With Israel, Palestine Equally to Promote Peace, by Rev. Bob Stoddard and Very Rev. William Lane, 12/24/12. "The recent exchange in Delaware Voice columns between Delaware Neighbors Against the Occupation and Lt. Gov. Matt Denn regarding Israel/Palestine cause us to urge a re-examination of this conflict form both viewpoints..."    Read more.

Charged Rhetoric Does Not Aid Middle East Peace Cause, a response by Matthew Denn, 12/3/12.  "I usually restrict my visits to the News Journal’s op-ed page to subjects that make up my daily work, such as economic development, education and advocacy for Delaware’s children. But Friday’s article, invoking biblical and civil rights language to attack Israel, was so over the top that it demands a response..." Read more.

Action to Promote Peace, Freedom and Justice in Israel and Palestineby Mike Abel and Nancy Boyer, 11/30/12. "Delaware Neighbors Against the Occupation is a group of 50 members and growing who are deeply concerned about injustice and violence against Palestinians and Israelis living in Israel and the Occupied Territories of Palestine. We seek to improve the situation by telling truth as we have seen it, giving voices to our concerns, and finding partners for peace with justice among our elected representatives and fellow citizens..."   Read more.