Welcome to Delaware Neighbors Against the Occupation (DelNATO). We are a diverse group of citizens working to end the Israeli military occupation of Palestine and promote a just and enduring resolution to the Palestine/Israel conflict.

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Want answers? See responses to comments such as "the U.S. should support Israel because we share fundamental values", "the Israeli government wants to negotiate but has no partner for peace", and "the Palestinians refuse Israel's generous peace offers" on our FAQ page.

January 2017: On 12/23/16 the UN Security Council reaffirmed the illegality of Israel's settlements by passing UNSC Resolution 2334 14-0 with the U.S. abstaining. The House and Senate then each introduced a resolution condemning the UNSC resolution. THANK YOU to Delaware's new representative Lisa Blunt Rochester for joining 79 of her colleagues in voting against House Resolution 11, which passed 1/5/2017. It was reported 1/25/17 that Senator Durbin has blocked Senate Resolution 6, and should he lift his hold, Senator Udall will place his own hold. Senator Coons is a co-sponsor of S.Res. 6. Senator Carper is not a co-sponsor.

December 2016: Watch the Senate's "Anti-Semitism Awareness Act" pass by unanimous consent in an empty Senate chamber. The bill was stalled later in the House Judiciary Committee, but may be re-introduced in 2017. The Act requires the Department of Education to "take into consideration" a flawed definition of anti-Semitism in determining whether to open an investigation after an anti-Semitism complaint. The definition includes constitutionally-protected pro-Palestine political speech. The definition's lead author, Kenneth Stern, wrote to the House asking them not to move the bill forward because it was both unconstitutional and unwise, noting the definition had never been intended to limit speech.

January 2016: Thank you to all members and supporters who helped STOP the anti-boycott ordinance proposed in New Castle County on September 29, 2015! (Ordinance 15-093). The ordinance was withdrawn by its sponsor in January 2016 and thus did not face a vote at the County Council. See this announcement to supporters in November 2015 after the New Castle County Pension Board voted not to pass the ordinance before sending it on to County Council.

DID YOU KNOW? Israel's summer 2014 war on Gaza: do you think it was started by Hamas rockets? Read more from Israeli intelligence reports.

Our group is a member of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (formerly the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation).

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"Freedom For Palestine" by OneWorld music